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Electric Projection Screens

Create Your Own Movie Theater at Home with AKIA Screens 125” Electric Motorized Projector Screen


Floor Motorized Tab-Tension Projection Screen - The Future of Home Entertainment


AKIA Screens® Motorized Electric 4:3 Wall/Ceiling Mounted Projector Screen

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame Movie Theater Home Theater Projector Screen

Home Theater Edge Free® Fixed Frame Projector Screen - ISF Certified

Portable Projection Screens

2 in 1 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Tripod Stand/Wall Hanging Projection Projection Screen

Dual Front/Rear Indoor/Outdoor Portable Projector Screen

Tripod Portable Projector Screen Product Video

Outdoor Projection Screens

Portable Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Height Folding Easy Snap Aluminum Projection Screen

Portable Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen Product Video